SperoMimic Organoid/Organ on a Chip System

SperoMimic Organoid/Organ on a Chip System is a cutting-edge technology that enables researchers to cultivate microtissues that mimic human tissues and organs’ structure and function. With the ability to recreate complex tissue structures and functions, the SperoMimic system offers researchers an opportunity to study disease models in a highly controlled environment. Pre-clinical Prediction System is ideal for obtaining quantitative & qualitative for drug safety evaluation, drug-drug interaction, biomarkers, and drug target identification. Produce data that specifically relates to human safety and effectiveness in a fast and efficient way using an advanced technology called SperoMimic, which involves creating miniature versions of human organs in the lab.

SperoMimic Organoid/Organ on a Chip System

Specifications & Applications

• Availability of various models with 12 cartridge-type chips tunable to multi-organ on a chip.

• Scalable to high chip count (60-chips) for high throughput applications.

• High-throughput organoid/organ on a system with real-time monitoring

• Tubing-free and programmed fluid flow

• Less human interaction results in reduced chances of error and provides high reproducibility.

• Programmed human microenvironment (CO2, pH, Temperature, Humidity)

• Real-time monitoring for complex organ models, disease conditions, and recovery stage

• Drug development features and body on a chip ( PK/PD and ADME)

• Interaction data analysis through connections between organizational models

• Real-time tissue cell analysis based on multi-smart biosensors (ROS,, glucose, and lactate)

• Compatible conventional assays to existing systems.